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FASS Diesel Fuel Systems

Upgrade Your Truck’s Performance with FASS Fuel In Edmonton

Edmonton Fleet Maintenance Ltd. is proud to be at the forefront of diesel engine technology. Join us in standing out from the crowd with FASS Diesel Fuel Systems and save money on fuel! Upgrade your truck’s performance, boost fuel efficiency, and prolong your diesel engine’s lifespan by installing a FASS fuel system in Edmonton today.

What is FASS?

FASS Diesel Fuel System is a diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system built to help improve your fuel mileage and engine performance.

Why would I need FASS?

Diesel engines typically contain contaminants like water, dirt, and air. When the engine is in use, the fuel and contaminants slosh inside, increasing the amount of entrained air. Hot, aerated fuel returns to the tank to cause aeration and fuel thinning.

This causes hydraulic systems to break down, harming your engine’s overall performance. A FASS Diesel Fuel Systems solves these problems by filtering out dirt, water, air, and vapour.

How does FASS work?

The main parts of a FASS system are:

  1. Water separation
  2. Pressurization
  3. Filtration
  4. Purified fuel returned to engine

First, fuel enters the water separator and water contaminants are filtered out. Next, fuel becomes pressurized as it enters the fuel filter where dirt and debris are removed. At the same time, air and vapour contaminants are returned to the tank. Lastly, purified fuel returns to your engine, polished by the MFR (Mass Flow Return) in the process.

How does FASS improve diesel engine performance?

In diesel engines, fuel is injected directly into the engine’s cylinders by an injector tip and plunger. Air contaminants reduce lubrication here, causing the plunger and injector tip to collide with more force than necessary (the Galling Effect).

Inappropriate timing of the injector and plunger during this process can also lead to piston damage. But because FASS removes air contaminants, lubricity is increased and shock is absorbed, correcting the timing.

Learn more about FASS with diagrams and videos from the manufacturer.

Why choose FASS?

There are several reasons why we believe FASS is a smart choice for truck operators:

  • FASS uses FST (FASS Silencing Technology), which makes its air and fuel separation system the quietest in the world
  • The PRC (Performance Radius Cuts) that ensure your purified fuel is returned smoothly to your injectors is among the best in the industry
  • With diesel fuel pumps and diesel fuel filters manufactured in the United States, we guarantee a high-quality product for your truck
  • Removing contaminants purifies fuel and increases efficiency, which saves you money

By removing contaminants, you increase fuel efficiency. A diesel fuel system that is much cleaner and smoother prolongs the life of your diesel injection system. At Edmonton Fleet Maintenance Ltd., we understand that trucks can be costly to maintain. A reliable and long-living truck is crucial to your job. If you have a favourite truck that you’re reluctant to replace, choose FASS. Increased fuel efficiency and a long-lasting diesel injection system create a better truck to help you get your work done.

Have questions? We welcome you to contact us to learn more about the benefits of this exciting new technology. Or, visit us to get a FASS fuel system in Edmonton today!

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